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A new interpretation of cuisine, from the flavours of the Mediterranean to sushi. Choose the one you want. A multi-level itinerary, where diverse experiences align and come together – breakfast with a view or gourmet snacks, dishes that are replete with memory and contemporary taste, a Japanese restaurant and a cocktail bar for drinks that mix the traditional with the original. A programme where cuisine forms part of a broader vision of hospitality & lifestyle. Art is the third complement that completes the creative, international atmosphere with the inclusion of live themed-evening performances and DJ sets.

I'm a man
of simple tastes,
I'm always satisfied
with the best.

Oscar Wilde


Terrazza Victoria

The breathing of the sea and the light from the sun. This is the ‘good morning’ that awaits you on the terrace with a view that will help start your day in the best possible way. Freshly baked bread, home-made sweet treats, savoury flavours, cereals, fruit and yoghurt. Breakfast is one of the most exquisite moments, especially on holiday. Here, you can take your time and watch the performance of the Riviera for as long as you like – we’ll be here until late morning.

All our restaurants offer gluten-free menus.


Terrazza Victoria

A personal reinterpretation of local cuisine that uses contemporary language to enhance traditional dishes. Skilful reinterpretations, where the quality and research for raw materials are combined with creativity and innovation with an invitation on a true journey through a landscape of taste. You can choose to dine with us every evening by booking your stay on a half-board basis, or opt for bed & breakfast and have the opportunity to experience à la carte menus in all our restaurants.


The connection with authenticity is revitalised each day in Terrazza Victoria’s menu to provide you with the best of a land that is rich and plentiful in flavour.
Fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea and forays into the countryside based on seasonal meat and vegetables, home-made pasta with the mainstays of Italian cuisine. All dishes are accompanied by wines from our cellar.

All our restaurants offer gluten-free menus.

An incredible view,
an amazing experience.
See you on the terrace.

Victoria Palace Hotel

A design location and sea views are the common features of the main floor of the Victoria Palace Hotel, Qì the floor – a new food & leisure plan where cuisine forms a part of a broader lifestyle vision. From late morning till evening, you will be immersed into a variety of experiences in a creative and international atmosphere, from fresh dishes that provide a quick lunch break, to a signature aperitif, to a fusion dinner, events, art, live performances and DJ sets. All this is Qì the floor.

Our version of comfort food, a cool, cosy place with something tasty for everyone. From morning to noon, this place is ideal for taking a break from the sun’s rays – you can opt for quick, light dishes which you can take away yourself under your sun umbrella, or order a practical lunch box of the day, which we will bring to you whenever you want.

From unmissable piadinas, cooked and freshly filled in myriad combinations, to tasty green, pasta or rice salads, top-quality ingredients, and traditional local first courses, from strozzapreti to home-made lasagne. All prepared using local, high-quality ingredients.

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All our restaurants offer gluten-free menus.

Kyo to iu hi wo egao
no kinen bi ni shiyo
Let's make this day
a stellar day

Ancient Japanese proverb

Kyo to iu hi wo egao no kinen bi ni shiyo
Let's make this day a stellar day

Beauty, delight and discovery. For those who love a contamination of flavours, an unusual culinary journey where East meets West. Dishes that are skilfully crafted by expert hands that exalt in the aesthetics of a world that is Japan, to be enjoyed in a location that enchants in its elegance and refined design.

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All our restaurants offer gluten-free menus.

The extended, dark slate bar takes centre stage and welcomes you from when you need an aperitif to a post-dinner tipple. Choice and technique are the ingredients on our drinks list, which ranges from traditional beverages to signature cocktails. Refined snacks and finger food in a decidedly gourmet style are an added accompaniment. This is a place where guests and locals meet, and often features live music and performances. Remember to check the events section or follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to find out about upcoming events.

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