Eat & Drink

Breakfasts with a view, gourmet breaks throughout the day and a mixology bar for drinks that blend the classic and the original. Our approach reflects the philosophy of hospitality and contemporary lifestyle, which promotes wellness for both body and mind.

I'm a man
of simple tastes,
I'm always satisfied
with the best.

Oscar Wilde


Terrazza Victoria

A bright terrace with a view of the Adriatic is the perfect setting to begin the day in harmony and beauty. Our breakfast experience provides a rich, healthy menu until noon, with a selection of the highest quality ingredients, the freshest produce and the spotlight on local delicacies. Our sweet and savoury dishes include fragrant, freshly baked bread and little masterpieces from our pastry shop. Not to mention gluten-free products with our home-made and home-packaged items. If your choice is to experience breakfast in a more intimate setting, the service can be provided in your room.



An incredible view,
an amazing experience.
See you on the terrace.

Victoria Palace Hotel

In a luxurious environment with ample glass windows that allow your gaze to sweep over the Riviera, you can enjoy up to 22 quality gourmet breaks. Carefully sourced raw materials and creative combinations yield a menu that combines tradition and a contemporary touch. Indulge in the warm, fragrant piadina romagnola PGI with its rich fillings, discover our selections of tasty sandwiches and avocado toast, savour the lightness of the colourful poke and the fresh, crisp salads. Little treats, creamy home-made gelatos and fresh, seasonal fruit round off the wellness experience. Gluten-free dishes are also on the menu.

Kyo to iu hi wo egao
no kinen bi ni shiyo
Let's make this day
a stellar day

Ancient Japanese proverb

Kyo to iu hi wo egao no kinen bi ni shiyo
Let's make this day a stellar day

Mixology is a sophisticated practice, a masterful exercise in balancing ingredients. Enjoy a tasting experience to engage all the senses in the Mixology Bar where, in the interplay between art and design, the perfect drink will result to suit your mood. From aperitifs to after-dinners, our menu features the traditional classics and signature cocktails, alongside a fine selection of local wines and craft beers. Quality appetisers and mouth-watering finger food are the ideal combination to experience the lively ritual of the aperitif, which lies in the realm between gourmet tasting and high aesthetics.