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via G. Carducci 24, Cattolica 47841, Italy

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We believe that holidays
are a form of art


It stands out for its minimal and elegant design. Exclusive experience, impeccable service, unique view. We are in the heart of Cattolica and at the same time we ensure an intimate and private atmosphere. Welcome to the Victoria Palace Hotel.


Rooms & Suites

All our rooms include a private balcony, while delicate colours and clean lines prevail here, more earthy tones dominate in the large communal areas. Our large SPA and gym are ideal for a wellness break.


Sport & Territory


To experience the sea just like the locals do, Victoria Palace provides activities such as stand-up paddle, better known with the acronym as SUP. It is an exciting activity, really suitable for everyone and does not require special skills. You can hire your own board, learn a few basic skills and set off to discover the wondrous sea. You can opt for a yoga class with SUP at dawn, sip an aperitif at sunset, or even row in complete calmness and discover hidden scenic gems.
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Where the hills gently slope down to meet the sea, between Romagna and Marche, in the heart of the Riviera lies the town of Cattolica. Whether you want to revel in a seaside holiday or discover the culture and region, Romagna throws up a number of opportunities for you. Tradition, nature, art, cuisine, history or myths – set out to discover a myriad mediaeval villages along the Conca Valley, cross the regional border to reach Castle of Gradara or the lands of Montefeltro.
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At the Victoria Palace you can stay fit, you will live exciting and fun experiences: all our guests have free access to the new Victoria GYM, they can choose and organize personalized activities with the advice of a professional personal trainer. Our city bikes are available for cycle amateurs and, optionally, various excursions with E-Bike, Mountain Bike and Gravel Bike, accompanied and guided trekking and walks to discover fantastic nature.
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Eat & Drink

Long breakfasts with sea views, gourmet breaks throughout the day, exquisite aperitifs and sophisticated after-dinners are the ingredients of an experience that allows each individual to proceed at their own pace and need, ensuring the utmost in relaxation. The stars are in pursuit of the highest quality ingredients and local produce.


Spa & Gym

Relaxation, wellness & elegance – these aspects define the entire wellness programme at Victoria Palace, where Victoria SPA and Victoria GYM coexist. The former is a refuge for relaxation and delight, the latter room to regenerate and get fit. In each area, light, music and essence determine our idea of wellness.


Us, territory & events

The Victoria Palace Hotel from part of the Pritelli Group, a large company that has been involved in fashion and trends since 1976. Its creative, beating heart is in Cattolica but its boutiques may be found in the largest cities in northern Italy – from fashion to racing, from hospitality to food. Creativity, research and professionalism have always enabled the group to perceive contemporary tastes and divine future trends.