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Sun, beach, sea, sport, culture, nature, fun & holidays. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing time on the beach, are a sporty person or want to discover the lands of Romagna and Le Marche, Cattolica and the Victoria Palace provide a whole host of opportunities. You decide which to choose.

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Discovery Urbino
A tour through the Renaissance, in the city that was the birthplace of Raphael and whose historic centre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don't miss the Ducal Palace with a visit to the National Gallery.

Welcome to the court
Gradara Castle and its medieval village, just a few minutes from the coast, are the scenery of the love story of Paolo and Francesca. The perfectly preserved historic centre and the imposing city walls create an atmosphere of other times.

Valconca highlights
The Conca Valley, behind Cattolica, is a valley with a gentle landscape and beautiful Malatesta villages and fortresses. We recommend a tour of Montefiore, Saludecio, Mondaino and Montegridolfo, to learn about the history, culture and flavours of the area.

Cave adventure
The Onferno Nature Reserve is a protected area just a few kilometres from the coast. It is known for the particularity of its caves, one of the most important karst complexes in Italy, and is recommended for those who love adventure and the incredible surprises that nature can offer.

The Castle of Montebello
This small village dominates the Marecchia valley and offers extraordinary views. Its imposing fortress has a thousand years of history to tell and is one of the most interesting of the Malatesta Seignory. It is particularly famous for the legend of the ghost of Azzurrina.
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Work out, tone up and strengthen your muscles even on holiday with individual or group lessons in the new Technogym equipped gym, both free body and with the latest generation of cardio-fitness machines.

Complete and enjoyable functional training, suitable for everyone, to increase muscular endurance and balance. The TRX is an extremely effective and versatile exercise tool that can be used to train any part of the body.

It is practised by many people because of its numerous benefits to body elasticity. A workout suitable for everyone, it helps improve sports performance and spinal mobility through slow, controlled movements and a special breathing technique.

A lesson with free-body exercises at different intensities that are intended to restore the balance of the musculoskeletal system, improve elasticity and mobility articulation. Excellent for treating and preventing back, shoulder and neck pain.

Technogym case kit
With this complete Technogym kit, you can comfortably work out in your room as and when you want; it's designed for those who already have experience, who want to stay active and continue exercising while on holiday.

For those who already practices it and for those who want to try this increasingly popular discipline around the world: yoga is the perfect workout to add well-being and harmony of mind and body to your holiday.

Shiatsu is an experience that involves many personal aspects: from the physical to the emotional, from the energetic to the spiritual. It is a relaxing treatment that harmonises the physical and mental condition by stimulating the metabolic nervous system.
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Sport Activity

E-bike easy
Easy and pleasant ride from the Conca Park to the village of Montefiore, along the cycle path that follows the Ventena river. Return to Conca Park - 3/4 hours, 50 km, dls 400 mt.

E-bike medium
A panoramic itinerary of medium difficulty which, starting from Gabicce Monte, crosses the wonders of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park along paths and hairpin turns overlooking the sea - 3/4 hours, 40 km, dls 800 mt.

E-bike strong & lunch
PMedium-high difficulty path through the hills between Marche and Romagna, passing through Gradara and Tavullia up to Mercatino or San Marino, with a stop for lunch (not included) in a typical restaurant and return - 5/6 hours, 70 km, dls 1200 m.

E-bike rental
The e-bike is suitable for everyone and allows you to discover the area in an ecological, simple and enjoyable way. Rental includes a sanitised helmet with safety lock. Maps of the area with recommended routes are available at reception.

Trekking on San Bartolo park
Dedicated to those who love to walk along paths to discover the area, an immersion in the beauty and nature that offers tranquillity and well-being just a few steps from the Riviera - 2/3 hours, 10 km, dsl 600 m.

Trekking on San Bartolo at sunset
Dedicated to those seeking a unique and evocative experience, an immersion in nature while waiting for the spectacle of sunset along the paths overlooking the sea of the Monte San Bartolo Nature Park - 3/4 hours, 10 km, dls 600 mt.
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Sea Lovers

Learning to use a Sup board is simple and fun and offers a beautiful and original opportunity to experience the sea. Suitable for all ages, for a first approach or to perfect the technique.

Sup from Cattolica to Baia Vallugola
Guided excursion along the coast of Cattolica and Gabicce as far as the Monte San Bartolo cliff overlooking the sea, between the blue and green of the coves to reach Baia Vallugola - Duration 3/4 hours.

Sup and aperitif at sunset
A sea excursion to enjoy the spectacle of the setting sun from a unique perspective and a definitely exclusive and original aperitif with drinks and finger food. As a couple or with friends, the emotion is ensured.

Yoga on sup
Yoga positions and the gentle movement of the waves - can you imagine anything more harmonious? Going out to sea and leaving your thoughts on land, tuning your breath to that of the sea.

Sup board rental
Leave the sun lounger behind, put on a t-shirt and a hat so you don't get sunburnt, and run to book your board. Whether you're on your own or with friends, sup is one of the best and most fun things you'll do on holiday.
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